Social Studies Chapter 2 Study Guide                    Name:  _________________


1.  Who made the decisions in the Iroquois League?  _____________________________

2.  Which of the following was NOT one way people of the Eastern Woodlands used forest resources?

        • food    
        • clothing
        • electricity         
        • water


3.  In addition to meat, what did animals provide to the peoples of the Eastern Woodlands?  (circle one)

      • Successful hunting methods
      • Friendship and skills for hunting
      • Oil and grains for warmth
      • Skins and furs for clothing


4.  Why did Iroquois hunters speak to and thank the deer they killed?  ________________________________________________________________________

5.  What Iroquois custom is still practiced today? ________________________________

6.  How did most Plains people live? (circle one)

·        By farming

·        By hunting

·        By fishing

·        By farming and hunting


7.  What animal was important to the people of the Plains for meat, clothing, blankets, and utensils?  _____________________________

8.  What is one way horses affected the lifestyle of the Cheyenne?  ________________________________________________________________________

9.  How important were horses to the Cheyenne?  ________________________________________________________________________

10.  Which Great Plains state is home to many Cheyenne today? ____________________

11.  Which of the following describes the environment of the Southwest Desert cultural region?

      • Rainforest
      • Known for constant flooding
      • Mostly hot and arid  (arid means dry)
      • Freezing temperatures

12.  Why did the Hopi build their villages on the tops of mesas?  ___________________

13.  Which ceremony honored the kachinas and asked for their help?  ________________________________________________________________________

14.  Which of the following statements BEST describes the Hopi today?

  • They live only on reservations in Arizona.
  • They have kept none of their traditional culture.
  • They blend old and new ways of living.
  • They only live as their ancestors did.


15.  Which is the BEST description of a potlatch?

  • A party where the hosts give gifts to show their wealth and generosity
  • A ceremony to ask for rain for the plants and other life
  • A religious ceremony to prepare for the future
  • A religious ceremony attended only by men


16.  What was a shaman’s main role in Kwakiutl society?


17.  Which of the following is NOT true about a shaman?

  • The Kwakiutl believed a shaman could cure illness.
  • Shamans performed dancing ceremonies.
  • Only Kwakiutl men could be shamans.
  • Kwakiutl men and women could become shamans.


18.  Which of the following is a modern addition to the Kwakiutl culture?

  • Game
  • Fish
  • Berries
  • Sugar