Social Studies Chapter 7 Study Guide††††††††††††††††††† Name:_______________________



1.Why did Spain want to establish a colony in Florida?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2.What was NOT one of Pedro Menendez de Avilesís goals in Florida?

  • Discovering natural resources
  • Taking control of Florida
  • Defeating the French
  • Finding the French

3.Which of the following BEST describes what the Spanish found in New Mexico?

  • Farmland
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Grassland

4.Which of the following does NOT describe a hacienda in New Mexico?

  • Source of cash crops
  • Workplace for Native Americans
  • Self-sufficient community
  • Large estate

5.Which of the following BEST explains the reason for the Pueblo Revolt?

  • The Spanish wanted to expand their territory.
  • The Spanish wanted the Pueblo to leave the area.
  • The Pueblo wanted to own New Mexico.
  • The Pueblo were being mistreated by the Spanish.

6.What was the result of the Pueblo Revolt?______________________________________________________________________________

7.From whom did the French settlers learn to make birch-bark canoes?______________________________________________________________________________

8.Why did the French want to explore the Mississippi?______________________________________________________________________________

9.What is one way the French tried to find the Northwest Passage?

  • By establishing colonies
  • By building trading posts
  • By exploring the Mississippi
  • By talking to traders

10.Which of the following contributed to the success of New Orleans as a trading center?

  • Its warm climate and good growing season
  • Its distance from Canada
  • Its founding by the French
  • Its location near the mouth of a river

11.What happened when English settlers moved west?

  • Native Americans resisted English settlement.
  • Native Americans welcomed the settlers.
  • Native Americans moved farther west.
  • Native Americans showed the settlers survival skills.

12.What was Metacomís goal in waging war against the settlers? ______________________________________________________________________________

13.Which BEST describes the beginning of the French and Indian War?

  • Spanish and French fight over Florida
  • British and Spanish fight over New Mexico
  • French and British fight over the Ohio River Valley
  • French and Native Americans fight over Great Lakes Region

14.What helped the British win the French and Indian War?______________________________________________________________________________

15.What was the effect of the French and Indian War on New France? ______________________________________________________________________________


16.Which BEST describes one effect of the French and Indian War?

  • Native American lands became part of the British Empire.
  • Native Americans gained more control over their lands.
  • Native Americans and the settlers lived in peace.
  • Native Americans and French settlers shared lands.